Hair colour

Hair Cuts & Styling in Preciosa Peluqueros


The best hair colour services in Fuengirola.

Be inspired by our expert hair colour technicians and let us create the best hair colour for you!

At Preciosa Hairdressers Salon in Fuengirola, we take hair colour services seriously. Hair colouring is our expertise – with exceptional staff trained in the most advanced technical hair colouring skills.

We know the importance of creating the best hair colour for you as an individual. It’s why we like to try and get to know a little bit about you, your current hair colour and style and your personality.

Our free no obligation consultation process allows us to delve into finding out about you as a person whilst assessing your hair and learning a little about your lifestyle. We’ll talk through the hair colour options available to you and give expert advice. This informal chat between you and your hair colour technician will help you decide which of the vast range of colour options, application methods and techniques will suit your style, hair and personality.

Our aim at Preciosa is to not only ensure you look your best when walking out of the salon but that your new hair colour stays looking at it’s best long after you’ve walked out of the salon.

The Preciosa Hairdressers salon has been providing the best expert hair colouring services for both men and women in Fuengirola. But what application methods will ensure we create the best hair colour? Which hair colouring technique is right for you?

Hair Cuts & Styling

Hair Cuts & Styling in Preciosa Peluqueros


At Preciosa Hairdressers Salon in Fuengirola, we understand that the best haircut and hairstyle is achieved when we know the needs, personality and lifestyle of our valued clients.

A free, professional, no obligation consultation allows us to tailor a haircut and style that will suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. A great professional haircut and style can really alter the way you look and feel.

Creating the perfect haircut and style isn’t just about taking a pair of scissors and cutting away, there are many deciding factors (and years of training) when it comes to achieving the perfect haircut.

Taking into account the balance of your facial features and your face shape ensures we advise you on the best haircut and style that will enhance and compliment you as an individual.

Our expert hair stylists at Preciosa have many tools at their disposal to create a great haircut.

Clippers, razors and scissors change the shape of your hairstyle whilst adding more volume and texture. They create more body and density along with movement.

Your experienced Preciosa hair stylist will use some if not all of these tools to create the perfect hair cut as the direction of growth, hair density and texture varies between your crown, fringe, neck and sides.