How the five best hairdressers in Spain started their paths

As you probably know, Preciosa Hairdressers will open their doors shortly. We begin this new project with great energy and enthusiasm together with a great team of hairdressers behind us. Every great journey begins with a first step and for your inspiration; we have made a review of the beginning of five of the most important hairdressers in Spain.


Luis Llongueras
Considered by many as the best Spanish hairdresser of all time.

Luis´s father was tired of seeing his son traveling around the main cities in Europe without having any wish to study and wanted him to study Art. Luis refused and as a punishment, his father made him work as a baker.

After just one week, Luis left his father and by chance took work at a hairdresser in Barcelona, just to earn some money. Very fast Luis became interested in the art of hairdresser and showed a great talent for it.

With only the age of 20 he started his own hair salon and is now one of the most recognized hairdressers in Spain.


Manuel Mon
Best hairdresser Figaro Award 2012.

Manuel entered the world of hairdressing in a very early age. He started to work in the hotel industry when he was 14 years old.

One evening his friend asked him to accompany him to the hairdresser school, where he got interested and started the course. After he had passed the course, he started a hair salon in his own home.

Two years later, he went to his first competition, the Revlon cup, in 1991. He won the provincial championship and then the national one. Thanks to this competition, he won one million of pesetas (around 6.000 euros) that helped him to start a “real” salon.


Alberto Cerdán
Goya Award 2014’s official stylist, and winner of several national and international awards.

Alberto started the art of hairdresser in the salon of his mother, which was in her own home.

Later, he went to work in a well-known chain of hairdressers, Cebado. He worked there for more than thirty years, where he became director of the artistic area for four years.

From here, he finally founded his first salon in Madrid, then in Barcelona, and later in the Canary Islands.


Mikel Luzea
Founder and president of Figaro Club.

As he says, his beginnings as a hairdresser was a totally coincidence. According to Mikel, he had never thought about being a hairdresser, but he was very attracted to the world of fashion.

When he turned 20 and after trying many different professions, he finally decided to try the art of hairdressing.

In 1991 he moved to London and worked there for five years, working for some of the most important companies in the world and in 2004 he won his first major awards: AIPP Award, Global Salon Business Award and prestigious international award.


José Boix
Best hairdresser Figaro Award 2015.

Like Alberto, Jose Boix also began in this world thanks to his mother. She was hairdresser, and she help him to improve his training as a professional hairdresser.

He began working in London in 2000. His first job within the Salon, as he says was like an assistant. For six months he was mopping floors, sweeping hair and attending professionals representing the brand. However, little by little, he was getting training through the Salon.

As he says, his early years were mainly about training where he learned a lot. Before becoming one of the best hairdressers in Spain.

Some people began thanks to major influence from their parents and others of these great professionals started their paths by chance. We are thankful they chose this path becoming the prestigious hairdressers that they are today.


Everything has a beginning

Author: Preciosa Peluqueros

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