The best hairstyles of each decade.

What hairstyle did your parents have? The best hairstyles of each decade.

70s Hairstyle

At this time, the long hair was the more popular hairstyle without any doubt. Braids for women with a tousled style and men with long hair and facial hair. With this image we saw a “Country look” and totally casual styling. Surely the 70’s were the era of disheveled hair and years of ‘peace and love’.


80s hairstyles

In the 80’s, with ‘Grease’ at its best, hairstyles of this popular film could be seen all over the world. Boys with gelled hair and well defined toupee, with the comb as their best friend. Girls with curly hair, carded and with a high volume.


90s hairstyles

In the last decade of this century, male teenage bands music became more popular than ever. And also TV series like Beverly hills where teenagers had a hairstyle that was parted in the middle but with not too long hair. For women, the volume of the previous decade can be seen even more clearly, where being the most popular was a ‘lioness’ style.


2000s hairstyles

It becomes more normal and frequent in the new century to color your hair. For woman it was popular with straight hair and reddish tones. Teenagers became more ‘rebels’. Moreover, when talking about men, spiky hair was definetly the more worn in this era, especially due to the football player David Beckham.


2015s hairstyles

In this last decade, the girls wear a normally smooth hair with less volume than earlier years. They have a more healthy hair and prefer hair that is more natural. ‘Parted in the middle’ is a style used by most of the women in our decade. On the other hand, men are back to wearing an unkempt beard along with a Travolta’s hairstyle, with more volume and cut through the sides and the rear.

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